Fundamentals of Computer Graphics



The third edition of this widely adopted text gives students a
comprehensive, fundamental introduction to computer graphics. The
authors present the mathematical foundations of computer graphics with a
focus on geometric intuition, allowing the programmer to understand and
apply those foundations to the development of efficient code.

New in this edition:

  • Four
    new contributed chapters, written by experts in their fields: Implicit
    Modeling, Computer Graphics in Games, Color, Visualization, including
    information visualization
  • Revised and updated material on the graphics pipeline, reflecting a modern viewpoint organized around programmable shading.
  • Expanded treatment of viewing that improves clarity and consistency while unifying viewing in ray tracing and rasterization.
  • Improved and expanded coverage of triangle meshes and mesh data structures.
  • A
    new organization for the early chapters, which concentrates
    foundational material at the beginning to increase teaching flexibility.
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